Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The advanced Oracle recovery utility to retrieve your inaccessible Oracle database files safely

After opening an instance of Oracle, the application needs a database to be allocated to it. This allocation of database is known as ‘mounting’ and only after a successful mounting you can work on the database. But, sometimes, either due to the corruption of the database or any other application contradiction, you failed to mount the database. This results in the inaccessibility of your valuable  data in the Oracle database and you need to look for any Oracle recovery utility to retrieve the data back.

During your day to day work, you tried to mount the Oracle database as the database administrator, but the database couldn't be initiated leaving all the data residing in it completely inaccessible.


Among many possible reasons behind the above problem, below listed are some of the most probable ones:

  • The user account, through which you ran the database instance may have not proper privileges to mount the database.
  • You have given some wrong parameters to open the the specified file.
  • The particular database file has been corrupted or damaged.

There can be virus/malware infection, file system corruption, operating system malfunction or any other application contradiction, which may have resulted in the corruption of the Oracle database file.


In order to resolve the problem and access your data in the troubled Oracle database, follow the below written corrective measures:

  • Ensure that the account through which you are trying to mount the Oracle database, do not have the mounting rights. Either change the access rights of the account or try with any other account with proper access privilege.
  • Ensure that the parameters used in the command to mount the database are correct. Also, check that the particular parameter file is at its default location.

If you failed to resolve the problem and still unable to access the database, you can restore the database files from the previously taken valid stable backup. But, if you do not have a valid backup of your database, still you can use any Oracle database recovery software to retrieve the files back.

These powerful dbf recovery software can repair the corrupt Oracle database and can help you restore all its objects. These utilities are read-only in their operations and recover Oracle databases with their internal structure being intact.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery is a reliable Oracle recovery software to recover corrupted or damaged databases created through Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g. The software works on Windows 2003, XP and with highly interactive graphical user interface, the software can be comfortably used without much technical knowledge.


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