Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Advanced Oracle database recovery utility to deal with ORA-00376 error

The data in an Oracle database is stored at different levels, including the table space, segments, extents, blocks etc. Prior to access the database, all the database objects need to be mounted properly. But, if the database has been damaged or corrupted, then it fails to mount and all the data in the database becomes inaccessible. The reason can be anything, such as a virus attack, file system corruption, database header corruption etc. In any of these situations, in order to recover back the data from the tables, you have to repair Oracle database. There are many third-party Oracle database recovery utilities available for the same.

You may encounter the below error message while mounting any Oracle 9i database:

ORA-00376: file xx cannot be read at this time


The most possible reason behind the error message can be the corruption of the ‘UNDO tablespace’. This is the reason that you failed to mount the database and you will continue receiving the same error message each time you try to mount the database.


Following steps can guide you repairing Oracle database:

  • Change the parameter related to ‘undo_management’ from Auto to Manual.
  • Create a new ‘UNDO tablespace’.
  • Drop the previous ‘UNDO tablespace’.
  • Try mounting the database.

Oracle database corruption usually acts at the lowest level that id the table space level and sometimes, when you drop the troubled table space, it creates some more problems. In such situation, you receive the below error message:

“ ORA-00376: file string cannot be read at this time”

Such situations of harsh database corruption issues can only be dealt with advanced dbf recovery utilities. These utilities are designed to repair and recover Oracle database under any instance of corruption. These software are extremely reliable in all their operations and do not change or modify the structure of the database. Moreover, with highly interactive graphical user interfaces, you need have to worry a little regarding the functionalities of these software.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery is a powerful as yet reliable Oracle database recovery software, which can help you repair your database and recover all its objects safely. The software is absolutely risk-free and recovers the database with its internal structure being completely intact. The software works on the database files created with Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and is compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP.

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