Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ORA-00083 Error and Reliable Oracle Recovery Application

Oracle RDBMS is a widely used relational database application of the recent time. Many home users, small enterprises as well as large industries use Oracle database as their major back-end support. The application has been developed by the Oracle Corporation and marketed as one of the robust database. But, the fact is that every application has its limitations and Oracle also has its due. In this context, sometimes, the memory of the Oracle database gets corrupted, resulting in the complete inaccessibility of the database and the data in it. Under such cases of data loss or inaccessibility, you can run any Oracle recovery software to recover the seemingly lost data back.

In an Oracle database, the memory is categorized into four different parts, such as SGA, PGA, UGA and CGA. SGA is responsible for keeping information regarding the duration of the instance. PGA keeps information about the processes, UGA keeps the session information and CGA keeps the information about the duration of a call. All these structures in the Oracle memory links to different data blocks and hence, any alteration or corruption in any of them can cause the instability of the database.

Sometimes while trying to access an Oracle table you may come across the below error message:

"ORA-00083: warning: possibly corrupt SGA mapped"

After receiving the error message, your database instance becomes inaccessible and you need to resolve the issue for accessing the data in the database.

The reason behind the above error can be pretty straight. The SGA or the System Global Area has been corrupted and the corrupt part of the SGA has been accessed by the process. That is the reason the instance has displayed the above error message and got terminated.

In order to resolve the issue, you need to up the instance by shutting down the database instance from its home page and again Startup the instance following entering its correct credentials. Remember to give the correct credentials of the database both after shutting down and before starting up the instance. Moreover, refresh after shutting down the instance.

This process may solve the problem and you will be able to access the data again. However, if it fails, you need to take the help of any Oracle database recovery software to do the job.

These dbf recovery utilities are extremely read-only in their operations and recover Oracle database with its original structure intact.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery is a highly reliable utility to recover your lost or inaccessible Oracle database under any instance of database corruption. The software is compatible with Windows Server 2003, XP and can work on Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g.

My name is Mark Willium, I am doing research on Oracle recovery software that repair and restore corrupted dbf files.

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