Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Safe Oracle Database Recovery Utility to Repair Oracle Database and Recover Your Data

Oracle is one of the mostly used relational database management system of the current time. The application is platform independent, fast and secure in its operations. These are the reasons, for which many organizations as well as individual users use Oracle to store and manage their important data. Sometimes, operating system crash, file system corruption, virus/malware attack or any other application malfunction leads to the corruption of Oracle database. These result in the complete inaccessibility of valuable data stored in the database and in order to get them back, you need any efficient Oracle database recovery utility.

Take a common instance of Oracle database corruption issue, where you made a cold backup of the database and archived the generated log file. But, when you tried to open the particular database, you failed to do so following an error message from the application. The error message, which you received, can be written as below:

"ORA-00353: log corruption near block change time "

The most possible reason behind the occurrence of the error message is that the Oracle database has got corrupted.

It is a general convention for all the Oracle database users that whenever your redo log file gets corrupted or missing, just open the database with the ‘RESETLOGS’ option. This option can create the log file once again and the database can be restored. Following steps may guide you through the process:

Set the closing parameter of the database with the option, ‘SHUTDOWN NORMAL’.
In case the database asks for its recovery, choose the option, ‘UNTIL CANCEL’. Apply the same to all archive and redo logs.
Wait a while for Oracle to accomplish the job. Then, issue ‘SHUTDOWN NORMAL’.
Remove the above set parameters and issue ‘STARTUP’.
Check the file, ‘ALERT.LOG’ again for errors.
Try to extract the data and rebuild the database.

If the above steps fail to resolve the problem, then, just look into your backup server for a valid copy of the database. However, if you do not have any valid backup, you are left with a single choice to run a dbf recovery software to recover Oracle database.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery software is an innovative utility to repair Oracle database under any instance of corruption and recovers the tables, schema, roles, forms etc with their integrity being intact. This Oracle database recovery software is absolutely risk-free I all its repair and recovery operations.

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