Thursday, April 4, 2013

What are the benefits of Oracle Secure Backup tool ? Check it now

In today's environment protection of data is a major concern for IT organizations. To manage data protection of servers that are spread across remote locations, a unified solution is required. Answer of this data protection issue is Oracle Secure Backup.

Oracle secure backup is a reliable tool that provides data protection through tape backup management. It protects Oracle files and provides backup and recovery of database. This tool supports almost all types of tape drive in SAN, GbE and other environment.
Key Features Highlight:
  1. It supports backup and recovery of Oracle database on both Linux and Windows platform.
  2. It also supports incremental backups.
  3. It has integration with Oracle RMAN, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle database.
  4. It provides security of onsite, offsite or lost tape backup.
  5. It encrypts all stored data.
  6. It supports IPV4, IPV6 and mixed IPV4/IPV6.
  7. It also supports duplex backups.
  8. It generates log report while performing backup.
Benefits Highlight:
  1. Low cost: It has low maintenance cost as comparable to other products.
  2. Fast backup: It provides fast backup to tape.
  3. Ready to use: It eliminates the complexities of integration with Oracle products with its ready to use feature.
  4. Single vendor support: It provides single vendor technical support for file system backup and database to tape.
  5. Data protection: It protects NAS devices, heterogeneous file system and integration with Oracle.
  6. Optimize performance: It provides faster backup with less CPU utilization.
Interfaces of Oracle Secure Backup
Oracle Secure Backup provides four interfaces for accessing its elements.
  1. Obtool command: It is a command line utility that provides interface for functions, configuration, backup and media handling of system files.
  2. Oracle Secure Backup Web tool: It is used when Oracle Secure Backup is being used without Oracle database instance.
  3. Oracle Enterprise Manager: Using it you can access all functions of Oracle Secure backup.
  4. RMAN command line client: It is used to perform backup and restore operation.

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