Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you know why your Oracle database is performing poorly? Find out here

There might be hundreds of reasons for Oracle poor performance but I am discussing the top 10. Hope it helps you in improving your database performance.

  1. The biggest reason for Oracle poor performance is over optimization of tables and excessive use of indexes.
  2. Performance of Oracle also tends to slow down if there is bad configuration of I/O disks.
  3. If you haven't allocated enough RAM for db_cache_size and shared_pool_size then it will affect performance.
  4. If you haven't set freelists, and ASSM properly for indexes and DML active tables then it will slow down the performance of Oracle database.
  5. Avoid long full table scans for online operations as it cause poor transaction design and slow down Oracle performance.
  6. If your database initialization parameters are not set properly then also your database will perform poorly.
  7. If your database server is poorly optimized then it can have drastic impact on Oracle performance.
  8. Oracle performance can be slow down due to excessive use of recursive (SYS) SQL.
  9. Using small redo logs put load on buffer cache and slowdown Oracle performance.
  10. Inappropriate use of cursor also causes slow Oracle performance. 

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