Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oracle Recovery when Oracle Display Error 00376

In Oracle database system, the data is saved in the form of a DBF (Database File) file. It is saved in a hierarchy at four distinct levels: tablespace, segments, extents, and blocks, in the ascending order. When database corruption occurs, it usually happens at the lowest level, that is the at the tablespaces. Due to database corruption, you are unable to mount the database thereby making it inaccessible, which is a very undesirable proposition. Such instances occur due to various reasons such as virus infections, database header corruption, file system corruption, media block corruption, etc. In such situations, you should try to repair Oracle database using appropriate corrective measures. However, if you are unable to perform DBF recovery then you should use a third-party Oracle recovery software to do the needful for you.

Consider a scenario wherein you try to mount an Oracle 9i database but fail to do so. An error message is displayed, that is:

"ORA-00376: file xx cannot be read at this time"


The primary cause of this error message is that the UNDO tablespace has corrupted. Because of this, you are unable to mount the database. Also, you would get the same error message every time you try to mount the database.


To resolve this tricky situation, you should try to repair Oracle database. To do this, you can perform either of the following steps:

Change the undo_management parameter from 'Auto' to 'Manual'.

Create a new UNDO tablespace.

Drop the previous UNDO tablespace.

Now try to mount the database. It should run fine now.

However, sometimes dropping the damaged tablespace can be troublesome and it would generate the following error message:

" ORA-00376: file string cannot be read at this time"

In such situations, you should use a third-party Oracle database recovery software to recover the corrupted database. Such DBF recovery tools are able to recover DBF files without overwriting the existing database.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Database Recovery is an Oracle database recovery software that is able to repair corrupted Oracle databases from all instances of logical corruption. It is specifically designed to recover Oracle database created in Oracle 9i. This Oracle database recovery utility restores several database components such as tables, cluster tables, schemas, views, sequences, etc. In addition, this DBF recovery tool is able to recover the user-defined data functions and packages & packages body as well. It is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and XP.This article is refereed from

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