Saturday, November 20, 2010

Avoid Common Mistakes While Recovering Damaged Oracle Database

Database corruption is a quite common problem in every Relational Database Management System, including Oracle. The corruption makes your database inaccessible, because it cannot be recognized by Oracle application. In a number of database corruption situations, DBA (Database Administrator) can restore the database. However, in some cases, the database administrator may make some serious errors that can lead to further corruption. Such mistakes are generally caused by poor judgment and stress. In such situations, Oracle database recovery solutions come for your help.

Following are two general issues that you should avoid while handling a damaged Oracle database:

Backup Failed Oracle Database- The very first step that you must take in such cases, is to backup the corrupted Oracle database. Unfortunately, several Oracle versions don't test the recoveries, and if you discover the backups aren't recoverable, you might be happy to see that you have a complete backup of the corrupted Oracle database.

Rarely Force Bad Recovery
- If you are unable to repair Oracle database (DBF) file, it cannot be opened. It is the way of Oracle application to prevent further damage due to manual repair of the database. You can use the below options to open a recovered database:

Use an earlier backup- This is quite useful to have an updated backup to easily cure database corruption.

Restore initially failed Oracle database- It might take less time to manually repair the database than forcing bad recovery.

Force to open database- You should use this option as a last resort only. It may cause massive damage to the Oracle database and permanent data loss.

You should always consult the experts and take best practices to ensure perfect recovery of damaged Oracle database. A minor mistake, while handling a damaged Oracle database may cause serious corruption and severe data loss.

In order to prevent such critical situations from being occurred with your Oracle database, you should maintain an absolute backup. The backup must be updated regularly and it should be checked for validity. If backup itself gets damaged, oracle database repair is the only way to go for.

Oracle database recovery is best possible using powerful and advanced third-party applications, which successfully recover Oracle database in all possible cases of database corruption. They deploy high-end scanning mechanisms for assured recovery of all database objects.

Stellar Oracle Recovery is the most excellent solution to effectively handle all your Oracle database corruption problems. It works well with Oracle 9. The oracle database recovery software is capable of restoring all the Oracle database objects, such as tables, reports, forms, macros, data types, constraints, and more.

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