Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recovering Inaccessible Oracle Database Using an Oracle Database Recovery Tool

When you start an Oracle instance, it is allocated with a particular database, which is also known as mounting the database. By mounting the it, you can access and work (create, modify, or delete) on that particular database. But you may have noticed that you are unable to mount the selected database on several occasions because of different types of reasons. Some of the reasons could be corruption (because of file header corruption, abrupt system shutdown, virus infections, etc), or improper login credentials, among other reasons. You should look to address the problem according to the particular reasons. If corruption is the root cause of the inaccessible, then you should use repair Oracle database using appropriate methods failing which you must use a professional Oracle recovery software.

Let us assume a real-life scenario in which you are trying to mount an Oracle with the credentials of a database administrator, using the following command:

"oradim -new -sid %ORACLE_SID% -pfile c:\path\to\your\init.ora"

But when the command is run, the database instance does not start leaving the database in a vulnerable state.


Such problematic situation can appear because of the following reasons:

The parameter file specified in the command cannot be opened.
You do not have the proper credentials to start and run the database instance.
The database (.DBF) file is damaged, which is why you are unable to open the database.


To address this problem and start the database instance, you can perform the following corrective measures:

Check and verify the parameters given in the command. Also, you should check that the parameter file is at its default location.
Make sure that you have proper rights to open and start the database instance. Try to start the instance after checking the rights.
If the previous methods do not work, you should restore it with its clean and updated backup.

If you are still unable to open the database instance, then that means the DBF file is critically damaged. You should take the services of a third-party Oracle database recovery software to resolve such issues. These database recovery tools are able to recover Oracle database and bring it to a usable state with the help of fast and sophisticated scanning algorithms.

The most reliable DBF recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery, which supports recovery of Oracle created in Oracle 9i, 10g, and 11g. With the ability to recover DBF files by restoring various components including tables, views, tablespaces, synonyms, indexes, sequences, etc, this Oracle database recovery utility is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and XP.

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