Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oracle Database Recovery Methods

Oracle database is a relational database management system which is also known as Oracle RDBMS. Oracle RDBMS is developed by the Oracle corporation for the storing of data. Oracle database stores data phisically in the form of data files and logically in the form of tablespace. Tablespace of the oracle database contains various types memory segments some of them are index segments, data segments and many more. Sometimes tablespace of oracle database gets corrupted that cause database goes in inaccessible mode. To overcome this problem you will need a third party advanced oracle database recovery software.


There are various causes for the oracle database corrupted. Some of them are given below:

Virus Attack: Virus attack may be the cause of corruption. To avoid this problem use an advanced anti virus program in your system.

Automatic System Shutdown: Automatic system shutdown is also affect the proper functioning of your database. To overcome these types of problems always use a power backup.

Concurrency: Multiple operation on the same database instance may also affect the database that cause database gets damaged.

There are three types of oracle recovery methods used by the database administrator to recover the corrupted oracle database. Which are given below:

Instance Recovery Method
Crash recovery Method
Media Recovery Method

Instance Recovery Method : Oracle database performs this recovery method automatically at the instance startup. This method occurs in an open database when one instance of database discovers another instance of database has crashed.

Crash Recovery Method : This recovery method also perform automatically at the instance startup. Crash recovery method occurs when either a single database instance or all database instance has corrupted.

Media Recovery Method : Unlike above two recovery methods this recovery method require you to issue the command.

Stellar Oracle Database Recovery software repairs damaged oracle 9i, 10g and 11g and recovers objects of oracle database like table spaces, tables, synonyms indexes and sequences. This oracle recovery software is designed for the window XP and 2003 operating system. You can see the preview of your recoved database with the help of demo version of the software.

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