Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why RMAN is the preferred Oracle backup strategy?

Although RMAN is there since quite long time but many DBAs are still using traditional methods of backup. Either they are not aware of the benefits of RMAN or they are not ready to accept the change. Whatever may be the reason, if you are not using RMAN; you may be missing out one of the best feature of Oracle latest version. RMAN is considered as the preferred method for backup and recovery of Oracle database by Oracle Corporation. Let's discuss the advantages of using RMAN:

  1. Automate backup and recovery: In traditional backup techniques, DBA keeps track of each backup operation like location of backup, which files are backed up, which files needed backup etc. And these processes consume lot of time. While in RMAN each backup operation is stored in to control file of database. RMAN also determine which file needed a backup and which files are required for recovery. It is also very easy to query the information contained in control files.
  2. Incremental backup feature: RMAN provides a very effective incremental backup feature that backup only those blocks that has been changed since last backup. This feature is very useful for large databases as it saves considerable amount of time and resources. In tradition backup techniques there is no such type of feature available.
  3. Detect block corruption: RMAN also detects and repairs block corruption while performing backup. It also validates individual blocks.
  4. Integrity check: RMAN performs integrity check on database while creating or restoring backup.
  5. Does not backup unused blocks: RMAN does not backup whole database blindly instead copy only those block that are in use. Unlike traditional backup techniques it skips the blocks that are unused.
  6. Faster: Since RMAN is an automated process so it is much faster than traditional backup techniques.
  7. Compress backup: RMAN also has a feature to reduce the size of backup. 
  8. Delete unused backups: RMAN has the ability to automatically delete unused backups from data files and archived log files.
  9. Encrypted backup: RMAN can store backup in encrypted format using backup encryption feature. This feature is not available in any other backup technique.
  10. Data Recovery Advisor: RMAN has Data Recovery Advisor feature that automatically detect failure in database.
  11. Automatic backup: It can automatically backup control file and spfile.
  12. Save backup scripts: You can easily save RMAN backup scripts in a recovery catalog.

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