Monday, March 5, 2012

Reliable and efficient recovery of Oracle database from Error - ORA-00353

For a fast, efficient and secure database management, Oracle is preferred by many organizations over other relational database applications. Oracle is especially used as the back-end for many data warehouse applications and other larger applications with heavy on-line transactions. But, sometimes because of virus infection, file system corruption, operating system crash or similar problems, the Oracle database gets corrupt and all the data in it becomes completely inaccessible. There are various corrective measures to repair the damaged Oracle database, but if they fail, you can still recover your inaccessible data with the help of any advanced Oracle recovery software.

There are situations, when the Oracle database behaves abruptly and becomes inaccessible. In one of the occasions, after taking cold back-up of your Oracle database, you archived the logs and the next time you try to access the database, it fails to respond with error messages on the screen. In such a case, the error message that you may have received can be read as below:

ORA-00353: log corruption near block string change string time string

Cause: The error message itself indicates the corruption of the database for which it has become inaccessible. The most possible reason may be the corruption or missing of the on-line redo logs.

Resolution: In order to resolve the problem, you need to create the on-line redo logs, after opening the troubled Oracle database with the option, 'RESETLOGS'. Below steps will help you performing the process:
  • First of all, run the command, 'SHUTDOWN NORMAL' on the Oracle database to close the database properly.
  • The database may ask you for recovery, give the option, 'UNTIL CANCEL'.
  • Apply to all archive and on-line redo logs and issue CANCEL.
  • Reissue the command, 'ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS;'.
  • Wait for few minutes and again perform 'SHUTDOWN NORMAL'.
  • Remove all the parameters, which have been set on the database. Start the database and check the 'ALERT.LOG' file for any existing errors.
  • Try to extract the data and rebuild the database
If even after performing the above steps, the error still persists, you need to opt for any third-party Oracle recovery software. One such reliable database recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery. The software incorporates many powerful algorithms, which repair the corrupt Oracle database and recover all your data safely. Apart from features to recover any database object selectively, the software is meant to work on Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i and is immensely easy-to-use.

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