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With Advanced dbf recovery solution, recover Oracle database safely

The Oracle database, which is referred as Oracle RDBMS in technical circle and is popularly known as only 'Oracle' among most of the users. Oracle is one of the mostly used database applications in the world by financial organizations, software firms, business entrepreneurs and individuals. This vast database application facilitates many advanced features to deal with huge volume of data along with many advanced measures for preserving the data security and integrity. However, sometimes the Oracle database carrying all your business critical information becomes inaccessible and in such situations of database crisis, an Oracle database recovery utility can help you recover the corrupted or damaged Oracle.

In general, when you start an instance of Oracle application, it links to an Oracle database, which is known as the mounting database. With mounting, you can be able to perform the Select, Create, Modify and Delete operations on the mounted oracle. However, because of an unexpected system shut-down, file header corruption, virus infection etc, sometimes, the Oracle database fails to mount and the data in the database becomes completely inaccessible. Some of the common causes of database corruption or loss are listed as below:

Corruption to the Media Block
Malfunctioning of the operating system
Damage to the application server
Corruption to the file system of the database server system
If implemented with a RAID system, corruption/failure of the same
Formatting and Re-installation of operating system etc.

Under all the above cases of database loss or corruption, the database and the corresponding data is not permanently lost until they are being overwritten by some other data. Hence, with the help of any advanced utility to recover Oracle can be the key to repair and restore the seemingly lost data.

These dbf recovery utilities are designed with innovative methodologies to repair Oracle, even with harsh corruption and help you restore the tables, containers, triggers, schema, index, roles etc with their original format being intact. Moreover, these applications recover dbf without even modifying the structure of the original database and are absolutely risk-free in all their operations.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an advanced utility to repair Oracle database and restore various objects. The software has been designed to recover the databases created through Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i and is completely compatible with Windows Server 2003 and XP. The software incorporates many interesting features, such as recovery of selective database objects, previews of all the recoverable objects prior to original recovery etc. Moreover, the interactiveness of this Oracle database recovery application, which is an added plus for the users who does not have much technical knowledge to operate these kinds of recovery software.
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